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Testimonials from my lovely clients, means the world to me. I love hearing how my treatments positively impact our lives. Here's just a few below:



I spent the day today with Theresa doing my Reiki 1. Wow what a fantastic day I had. Theresa is a born teacher. She is so knowledgeable, approachable and gifted. She explained everything in simple terms, answered our questions and gave bucket loads of encouragement. She even fed us! I cannot wait to go back and complete my Reiki 2 now. I am absolutely buzzing. Feel refreshed and ready to get going with my long awaited for Reiki. Thank you Theresa Gibson xx


I have just had a TATS healing session with Theresa and Phil. What an incredible experience. It was the most soothing, relaxing treatment I have ever experienced. Their energies are so peaceful and healing. It has helped hugely with past traumas as well as serious physical illness. I have not slept this well in years. I actually feel physically and spiritually lighter.

I cannot thank you both enough. You have such gifts.



I had a healing session today with Theresa and Phil. It was uplifting, calming and a beautiful experience. I was made to feel relaxed and at ease. I have know them both for several years but they knew things about my soul that I have never told anyone (nothing bad just I thought trivial from my childhood), it was truly amazing.


Thank you, I would highly recommend.


Had the pleasure of experiencing a TATS session with Phil and Theresa today, amazed at how relaxing it was and how knowledgable they both are! Also completed the all about ME course and that was extremely informative and helpful, can’t recommend these guys enough!

Thanks so much

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